Month: June 2015

Sparkyshield 2000 ®

My dog Sparky is 16 years old and solidly in the grip of doggie dementia. He will walk behind the AC unit hit the tubing and suddenly forget he has a reverse gear. Likely he can not see the tubing and cable halting his progress so he automatically assumes that he has been snared by a tractor beam emitted by… Read more →

You gotta adapt!

If you want to project a presentation with the latest and greatest devices. As many of you who will be reading this already know I work with a ton of presenters – teachers, instructors and coaches. I guess this post is for them or you if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation. Thin is in when it… Read more →

The 9 dollar computer

Every now and again I like to browse through Kickstarter just to see all the cool ideas I am not having. Awhile back one project just called to my inner geek – ChiP The worlds first 9 dollar computer. So I did it – I became a backer on Kickstarter. The process is really easy and I love the updates… Read more →

Spicy Beer Baked Chicken

Sometimes, often really now that I think about it, simple things can be the best of things. This is one of those. I serve this with re-fried beans, corn and warm tortillas. Hot sauce and shredded cheese on the table to stuff into those tasty tortillas along with the chicken. It is simple, low cost and always satisfying. Read more →