Month: May 2016

Ice Bear

From the stinging swirl of snow pounded forth what seemed to be a living avalanche. It rose towering with a great shuddering roar, creating a cloud of fetid steam, splitting the stillness of the woods. In the shadow of the great ice bear a lone dwarf warrior looked up and cursed. He whipped the stout axe off his back but… Read more →

OMG Everything Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are really really good and great to make when you need to finish off a partial bag of raisins, chocolate chips or nuts too.  In my oven I have been getting stellar results with a bright silver baking slick (cookie sheet with no edges) and parchment paper. A dark pan with silicon mat is giving me a much darker… Read more →

Acceptable Risk

<rant> There is a lot I do not understand I will admit. Some of our laws are right up on the top of the list of those things. For instance 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million injured on U.S. roads in 2015 but no one is picketing GM and Ford or trying to ban motor vehicles or at the… Read more →

Mmm Bran Muffins

Ok bran muffins probably do not sound well… appetizing but I guarantee you will dig these healthy muffins with your morning coffee. These are lightly sweet and taste like a proper breakfast food rather than a dessert. Bonus they will keep you regular as an atomic clock too. This recipe is from – you can find it here. I… Read more →


Happy Mother’s Day Mom! All things considered in the parent lottery – I was pretty lucky. I have two great parents. As a man it is easy to identify with your father – at my age you have gone through much of the same wringer. It becomes easy to see the similarities and qualities your father instilled/beat into you. When… Read more →