Hey there… you seem to be curious about who I am and seeing as how you came to my website by some random stroke of luck – I guess I should tell you.


First off my name is Greg Boyles. I am 50 something … yeah that sounds good. I like long walks on the beach, puppies and pina coladas. Alright not really… well except for puppies I do love me some puppies. Let me correct that – I like laying on the beach (with intermittent periods of flopping around in the water), even just being near any large body of water makes me happy, dark strong beer, fishing, any kind of transportation with wheels, any shape or size boat, mowing my lawn, any kind of electronic gadget and last but certainly not least – computers, of which, my house is full most of the time. I like making things be they real, virtual or just flat out imaginary. I love spring and summer, fall is ok if it is not cold and I pretty much loathe winter. Winter’s only redeeming quality is Christmas and I don’t even like snow then either. If most of my family were not here in Oklahoma – I would be living within spitting distance of a beach pretty much.


I work for a great non-profit foundation called Great Expectations as their technology director/IT department/Creative Services/Audio Visual department/Truck Driver/Stevedore. I do prefer “Jack of all Trades” to “Person who will do anything for money” however. I work with some of the best people on planet earth. Seriously. I also do most of my work from my home office. In the summer I travel putting on conferences and working from remote locations and hotel rooms. It kind of all equals out in the end now that I think about it. Suffice it to say I find my job very challenging and satisfying.


I have a wonderful, wonderful wife who is deluded enough to love me like no other. She calls me handsome damn near daily (I think her eyesight may be failing). She is without a doubt my best friend in the world. My folks are awesome. Hell my whole family (including my wife’s) is awesome! Even my little sister is awesome and I love her to death. Every moment I get to spend with any of them is exceptional. I have three kids (two are mine and one stepson) who are all smart, funny and most importantly – just good people. If you have not guessed – family is huge to me and I am very blessed in that regard.

Faith and Politics

I am a Christian raised from strong Christian roots. I am no preacher and am far from perfect but I do believe and even stronger than most might guess. I am called to serve not talk. So if you are looking for religious discussion and debate – best look elsewhere. Politically I really am an independent and from what I gather my views run close to a libertarian/conservative slant on things but I will not vote for a person just because of a label. Long story short on this section – I do not like debating these things so don’t try to start it on this site. I will argue about operating systems and cell phones if you want but religion and politics – no. Facebook has enough of that for your entire lifetime.

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