Author: gkboyles

Cheap Seats!

Ok just found the perfect seats for my old boat! You can pick them up at Walmart. I really was not wanting to permanently mount seats but I wanted back support that cushions just were not giving. These seats have two spring hooks that clamp the bench really well. Since they are removable I can flip them around for fishing… Read more →

Affordable Labels

Wine bottles are just a pain in the ass. What I am on about is the volume, 750ml, is a bit too much to be healthy for a single person and yet not enough for two people in a sitting. To get this lovely inconvenience of a container it takes cork and shrink tube and label as well. All this… Read more →

Uroboros Stout

Uroboros Stout by Anthem Brewing is a flat out treat for stout lovers. This beer has a punch but is still on the dry side. Just enough sweet to let you know this is no little beer. It is an elegant stout that puts you in mind of dark chocolate and black velvet. I throughly enjoy this beer and do… Read more →

VooDoo Ranger American Haze

Unlike some of New Belgium’s IPAs American Haze will not have you mowing your neighbors flowerbeds after drinking 3 or 4. Although it has the murk/haze this is a totally approachable IPA that has a good solid hops flavor that does not bend to tasting like fruit or floor cleaner. Also it has no upfront bitter bite just a small… Read more →

Lagunitas IPA

This is a good beer if you can handle some significant upfront bitterness. The flavor after that initial shock of bitter is a really nice “fresh mown grass” hops flavor that doesn’t have much citrus or pine. Just a hit of bitter followed by a really nice and not overwhelming hops flavor. You are not noticing the bitter so much… Read more →


You know it is a funny thing… before now… say ten years back or more, if you asked me – Do you want to go back in time to when you were young? I would have told you not only no but hell no. I first would have thought of me – young, stupid, with everything awkward and seemingly able… Read more →