COOP Ale Works – Briefcase Brown


It is late at night and you are on the hunt for a nice rich dark beer and in times past you would find – nothing. Well in OK at least you would find nothing because all the tasty wonderfulness is locked up in liquor stores that have to close early. (That needs to change btw) Now you can find a great okie beer by the name of Briefcase Brown – or as I like to call it Grocery Store Guinness. It is not Guinness, being a shade lighter, but it is a great beer none-the-less. The only bad thing is that it only comes in four packs which makes it a bit on the pricey side for the grocery store

Overall (bottled): Bleah | Ok | Good | Mmm Good | Great | Amazing | Heals Minor Wounds

Overall (draft): N/A

Worth it?: Yes

Source: Grocery Store

Cost: $$$$$

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