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Boat Motor Stand

I had a soft spot develop in the transom of my boat – not a real shocker given the old girl is 60 years old this year. Rather than replace the entire transom I am putting in a patch. Replacing the whole thing is going to require removing rivets etc – a winter project for sure – and the rot… Read more →

Racking Stand

Ever have a hard time holding everything just so when racking? I did and finally got the bright idea to make a stand that would not only give more umph to my siphon it would hold my bucket or carboy at a jaunty angle for me. I may even scale those up for my 6 gallon buckets too. Very handy! Read more →


    Am sitting here pondering our trip to Florida coming up in August. I wonder if you remember what it felt like to be on a road trip before GPS or Siri? I do and in a weird kinda way I both miss and donโ€™t  miss it at the same time. I miss the thrill of adventure that pointing… Read more →

Bedroom Set!

Well I have been at it again. Ever have one of those times where you go to buy something and it is three times as expensive as you remember? Then you remember the last time you went to buy that certain thing was actually twenty years ago? Yeah that pretty much inspired this creative foray. When I went to find… Read more →

Wine Log

For those of you that have made wine you know that keeping a record of what you did is important. The process is a bit “mad-scientist-like” which is probably why it appeals to me so much. Anyway I added a category/navigable section to the web site called WineLog where I am going to store all my winemaking info. This section… Read more →