Am sitting here pondering our trip to Florida coming up in August. I wonder if you remember what it felt like to be on a road trip before GPS or Siri? I do and in a weird kinda way I both miss and don’t  miss it at the same time. I miss the thrill of adventure that pointing your land barge out on the asphalt sea guided only by a truck stop map and sketchy road signs brought. Then again I do not miss getting lost in parts of oh… say St. Louis where even the small children playing outside seemed to be wondering if your shoes might actually fit them as you sat at the stop light praying for it to change.

My kids are probably really starting to forget I know my daughter bought a GPS before her first big road trip. It is a bittersweet thing – sad for her and (as a Dad) glad for her at the same time.

The thrill may be gone a bit but having directions in my pocket has opened up a whole new world of driving to me. I will drive anywhere now, where before I would first think to fly. We drive to California and Florida and I do not even mind – that sort of travelling used to require huge mental effort – not anymore.

My Dad had a great idea – take a road trip with no planning at all. Just point the car toward a coast, stop at different motels and hotels, see whatever looks to be of interest, eat best of the local fare and take your time. Go find the stuff that people are always telling you about – those must see places and quirky out of the way places too.

Shoot soon the car will be doing the driving and the navigating – an era will end at that but think about how much more you will be able to see! All the great scenic vistas you won’t miss with your eyes glued to the road. That will be nice.

I guess I will let the world keep changing for now 😉

See ya on the highway soon!

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