Sparkyshield 2000 ®

My dog Sparky is 16 years old and solidly in the grip of doggie dementia. He will walk behind the AC unit hit the tubing and suddenly forget he has a reverse gear. Likely he can not see the tubing and cable halting his progress so he automatically assumes that he has been snared by a tractor beam emitted by the aliens in the metal box that spin the fan constantly and speak in a language consisting of one perpetual word “whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

After my sweet wife had to drag him out during a deluge – inspiration struck. (Code for she told me to fix that in no uncertain terms heh) So thus was birthed the Sparksheild 2000®. Queue the 2000 A Space Odyssey music.


So if your geriatric dog is falling victim to the AC unit tractor beam or more likely nomming things he shouldn’t this was really easy to build and cost about $18.00. I used 5 1x2x8 firing strips, 1 2x2x8 and 1 1x4x8. Plus two cans of noncrappy spray paint. You could make a beefier longer lasting version out of treated lumber as well. Sadly I do not think Sparky will see the day this contraption falls apart.

Well that was a sad note to end on so here are some baby robins on top of my cable box. I remove that nest every year and they come right back and start again in spring.




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