Summer Update

Been awhile since I have posted to the blog but have not forgotten it this time. Summer, despite Oklahoma’s state budgetopocolypse©, has been keeping me hopping. We have done a bunch of great conferences this summer and attendance while smaller than normal has actually been more than I was expecting. Also while we did have to cancel one location we picked up a training out of state – not bad. We have kept the uhaul turned in as much as possible too to save funds and that has been a bit hectic but a good workout loading and unloading the darn thing. My summer work does pretty much consume my time so have not done much to write about or had time to write about it if I did. Getting close to the end as of now so have time for a quick update on the few things I have going.


I have managed to concoct more wine though and will be writing much more about that in the next few weeks. I have been able to set up several varieties and tend them on the weekends. The strawberry, which I wrote about, turned our very well and we had a bit of that on my birthday. I have watermelon and peach bottled and plum and blueberry still in bulk settling out. My active batch is nectarine and it smells really good.  I like making the one gallon recipes as I will end up with a big variety of flavors for the fall and winter holidays. I just find a good deal on fruit and start a batch a week. I will likely double up on some that were extra tasty like the strawberry. A gallon only fills 4-5 bottles so is not as much as it sounds like I am making heh…

Da Boat!

For my birthday my folks helped fund a new project – a 1958 Texas Maid aluminum boat! Yeah it is as cool as it sounds too. I have wanted my own boat since I was oh… like 10. She is in pretty decent shape for a 60 year old boat and being made of aluminum is light enough for my Soul to pull but still has enough room for several folks. I have cleaned her from bow to stern and have her in to Blackbeard Marine for a new outboard motor set up. I have a lot of sprucing up to do to her but I think she will be awesome fun for fishing and just for running about the lake. Will have boat rides to go with our cook out outings to the lake soon. Here is a picture from when I brought her home. Will be more pics to come as I paint, polish and redo the interior.




That time once again as the teachers head back to work – Greg gets a break. This year we are heading back down to the sunny shores of Florida. Beach fun, family, a large bottle of top shelf tequila (thanks Dad!), adult only condo with a pool and balcony and an entire week to enjoy it all. Ready yourself for the barrage of pictures on facebook lol. Here is one of what I hope my view will be each eve…


Well that is about it for my summer update! One more conference closing show to do in Edmond, then lots of organizing and sorting and packing and will have another summer in the bag!


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