Time for an upgrade – gkboyles.com

I tried but I just could not do it any more – WordPress.com that is. Don’t get me wrong the service works great and I highly recommend it for an easy hassle-free way to start a blog. Problem is I am more than a bit geekish and after using the self-hosted version of WordPress for many a year for work – I knew I would end up moving my personal blog to self hosted as well. (That and I already own a couple of personal domain names.) WordPress has become one of those “comfort programs” for me – like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and CorelDRAW. I could easily work just as well in other programs but I don’t because some just feel like home to me.

Part of why I let the wordpress.com blog fall into disrepair is I just didn’t have enough settings to change, things to tweak, plugins to play with and no way to host my own code should I want. I also did not like being forced to purchase a years worth of service at one shot. Part of my job is trying out new stuff and I do not want to be married to a system that long when I may stumble upon something I like much better next week.

I thought about bringing my content over but much of it is so old I doubt anyone but my mom would enjoy reading all that history. Which brings up the other reason I did not keep up that blog – content. My posts were so family specific at times I doubt many gave a rats furry butt about what I was saying much of the time. So my content scheme is changing a bit. I will still be writing about general life stuff but I am also going to try to present more than just that in the coming future. This site really is about me, a repository for things I do not want to forget and generally for my own edification but I do want it to be interesting to folks with similar interests that do not know me personally as well.

So please excuse the emptiness for now and be warned that things may look different time to time as I settle in to this new home on the web.

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