You know it is a funny thing… before now… say ten years back or more, if you asked me – Do you want to go back in time to when you were young? I would have told you not only no but hell no. I first would have thought of me – young, stupid, with everything awkward and seemingly able to do nothing. Now… now is different. I first think of all the people who have gone – my dad, grandparents, my uncles… Now I would go back. I would go back and freeze time if I could – even in some stage of adolescent hell – just so all those people would live forever. They brought light and warmth not just to me but to everyone around them. For all the brashness, sarcasm and straight up mischievousness – if you were in their orbit you were taken care of.  Today I feel old. I know I need to be what they were… I know that while people pass from this earth it is left to us. Left to us to care, to think, to love, to correct. People do not appreciate the now. We tend to forget the past and when it is shown to us sometimes we balk and refuse to comprehend how good now is compared to then. It is good now because of those that have gone before us. I feel the need to stand on their shoulders and push even farther…. but really I wish I could just go back today. Yesterday my Dad would have been 75 years old. 

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