Guinness Beef Stroganoff

Not the most inspiring looking dish in the world but when cooked right it is one of my favorites. If your only experience with beef stroganoff is Hamburger Helper you really have to try this recipe! Print Guinness Beef Stroganoff Ingredients 2 lb Chuck Roast 1 Tbsp Montreal Steak Seasoning ( or equal parts salt and ground pepper ) 1/2… Read more →

PB&B&B Dog Cookies

Print PB&B&B Dog Cookies Servings: 12 Ingredients 1 egg 1/3 cup peanut butter 1 mashed banana 1 tablespoon honey 1 cup whole wheat flour 1/2 cup wheat germ or bran 6 slices precooked bacon minced 1 tsp salt Instructions Heat your oven to 325 Mix all the ingredients up until you have a well mixed dough. Roll dough into ping… Read more →


    Am sitting here pondering our trip to Florida coming up in August. I wonder if you remember what it felt like to be on a road trip before GPS or Siri? I do and in a weird kinda way I both miss and donโ€™t  miss it at the same time. I miss the thrill of adventure that pointing… Read more →

Bedroom Set!

Well I have been at it again. Ever have one of those times where you go to buy something and it is three times as expensive as you remember? Then you remember the last time you went to buy that certain thing was actually twenty years ago? Yeah that pretty much inspired this creative foray. When I went to find… Read more →

Apple Wine

Use good apple juice! I use the Martinelli brand. Make sure the juice has no additives!   1.5 liter/50 oz pure apple juice 5 cups sugar 2 cups water 1/4 tsp pectin enzyme 1/4 tsp tannin 1/4 tsp metabisulphate  1 tsp yeast nutrient 1.5 tsp acid blend Water to 1 gallon+ 1/4 tsp wine yeast   Instructions >> Read more →