Bread, bread, bread

Even though we have cut way back on bread consumption here at the house one of my personal goals in life is to be able to cook a decent loaf of regular ol bread. I got pretty close this go around but the first loaf had a dense doughy part toward the middle. :/ 80% of the loaf was very tasty which is a marked improvement over my previous effort which seemed to have a mass similar to a block of depleted uranium. The second loaf I baked a bit longer will see if that helped. I am not convinced enough to commit the recipe to the recipe section of the site but I think it is a good one – just my technique needs refined. Also I think my oven temp is running low. Given am not using any tricks – no knead, potato etc. I have found, when searching online, that there is actually too much advice on how to make bread. Which indicates to me that a person has to just do it repeatedly to find what works best given their conditions.

I am going to share the link to this recipe –Amish White Bread. Do note that I have not gotten perfect results – yet. All the bread recipes for regular ol white bread I have looked at are pretty similar though. Last thing – bread always is worth the try because even imperfect is still pretty darn tasty hot with butter and honey! 😉

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