The EC Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

I have always had a fascination with miniture things. Hmm let me clarify – miniture functional things that is. I do not have a room full of creepy doll furniture…. really. Small cars, computers, campers or things that bend, fold, expand or collapse or otherwise transform from small and compact to a nice usable object.

So getting to the point I have recently found one of those things which I am going to have to brag on. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do some typing on my iPad so I dug out my Apple bluetooth keyboard and found that the two triple A batteries had leaked and corroded the battery cover plug to where it was basically welded in place. Another long story short – it was ruined.

Anyone who ever experienced me trying to use the iPad onscreen keyboard for anything other than the odd password will have discovered the experience looked like a gorilla trying to drive a nail into a cinder block with a crowbar – not a happy time for anyone involved. So I hopped on ( in this case www stands for Walmart without weirdos ) and started shopping and man there are a lot more bluetooth keyboards available now (at much better prices) and one leaped out at me (not literally dork). In fact I am typing this post on it right now connected to my iPhone! Pretty darn cool huh?? You have never experienced joy until you have felt the joy of being able to move your cursor with arrow keys on an iOS device. Bliss…

I know you are like bluetooth keyboard – duh… everyone and their dog has one of those iPad folio thingies. Hold right there freind – I would never be satisfied with a keyboard glued to a fake leather and cardboard folio which makes my device as bulky as an old paper filled dayplanner – pfft. I demand compact and light and rechargable and usable on anything from my phone to my laptop to a bluetooth enabled waffle iron should I want! I found it too and it even folds up to compact size shorter than my 6+ and just a bit wider – definitely pocketable. Unlike alot of foldable keyboards I have looked at this one has no weird gaps or split keys – I can type on this little dude at about 95% of my normal full size keyboard speed. Now the keyboard is small and I am admittedly pretty good at typing on tiny keyboards due to the fact that I have owned several tiny laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks over the years but it took me only a paragraph or two to adjust my hands to the majority of the keys. The right shift key is small so you may have to peek down for awhile when you reach for it. The reason it is small, the very awesome reason, is they have managed to fit in a set of arrow keys which lets you navigate text without jabbing and smearing your greasy finger all over the screen of your device. You can even shift arrow to select text!

Alright, alright I will stop jabbering and show you the pictures…


On the power end of things this is a smart and thrifty device. I have charged it once when I got it right out of the box about a month ago and have carried it around with me and gave it a few good sessions of typing and it is still humming along. My Jawbone UP needs charged more often than this thing 😛 One reason the keyboard does not run out of juice is that it is smart enough to go to sleep should you wander off and leave it open. Oh and that is another cool thing – no microscopic on off switch just unfold and it is on and fold it back up to turn it off. If you get to staring off into space for quite awhile pondering what to write or just your navel it may power down and you will see the onscreen keyboard pop up – which freaked me out thinking the keyboard was disconnecting the first time it did that. All you have to do is tap a key to wake it back up and make the on screen keyboard go bye-bye again.

Overall I would have to give this lil dude 5 stars. It makes good use of it’s tiny size, has low power consumption, it is super compact and smexy.

Pet peeve of mine reviews with no link to buy the neato thing in question – that is more like just bragging heh… So here is where you can find this cool little keyboard…

If you pick one up let me know all the cool places you get your writing on with it!

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