Month: November 2015

Whoa Brown Turkey!

HAPPY PIE DAY!!!  (aka Thanksgiving Eve – the day I make way too many pies) It struck me that when I am doing Christmas stuff I love to have Christmas music going. Actually it is always going in my head pretty much starting November 27th. Thanksgiving deserves the same! So I took what may be the catchiest song ever written… Read more →

Hardcore Chicken Noodle Soup

Yep this is not that mamby-pamby, tiny noodled, water-thin can soup. This is a friggin meal in a bowl and feels wonderful in yer tummy when you have a cold…. or when you don’t have a cold for that matter. Been a favorite around here for awhile! Hardcore Chicken Noodle Soup November 20, 2015 by gkboyles Category Soup for you! Ingredients… Read more →

Beef Jerky

This right here is some super spectacular beef jerky. This disappears faster than cookies in my house! Note that it is pretty spicy so if you have a tender mouth cut back on the pepper. The recipe calls for flank steak but that can be pricey so I generally use a London broil. This recipe is one by Alton Brown… Read more →