Month: April 2016

Greg’s Enchilada Sauce

Well I wanted to make some enchiladas last night but do not really care for most of the canned enchilada sauces I have tried so I decided to concoct my own. I made barbacoa a few nights back and making the chili sauce for that provided the inspiration. No this is not traditional but it turned out pretty darn awesome… Read more →

Accepting the Smartphone

One thing I keep hearing is how smartphones are somehow eroding the foundation of society here lately.  Quite frankly I find that to be a load of poo. Now don’t get me wrong – the massive companies that make these things would surely impregnate the case material of every phone made with highly addictive drugs that would leech into a persons… Read more →

Garage girl

Finally put a finishing touch to my garage – the mandatory pinup. Gotta have for that classic garage vibe but hey doesn’t have to be trashy. After two failed attempts at procuring this print in a large size on paper I ordered it on silk built a stretcher and stapled her on. That is Betty Page – Cat and Mouse… Read more →


Well yet another great recording artist has passed. Rest in peace Prince. I will say that some of his music wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Some of it was awesome though. My favorite song of his probably is Raspberry Beret and that is a link to amazon where you can buy it – which would have made him much happier than… Read more →

Speeeed Table!

     No not that kind 😛 I got this idea to move my evening snackage and coffee closer to my face – laziness being the mother of “OMG what is that in the garage…” Basically I needed a taller end table and being the cheapskate I am also had a bunch of 2×4 end cuts that I could not bring… Read more →


Bread, bread, bread

Even though we have cut way back on bread consumption here at the house one of my personal goals in life is to be able to cook a decent loaf of regular ol bread. I got pretty close this go around but the first loaf had a dense doughy part toward the middle. :/ 80% of the loaf was very… Read more →