Left Hand Brewing Company – Milk Stout


This is a great stout from Left Hand Brewing in Colorado. As I learned on my last trip to Denver to see my stepson Mike – Colorado is a mecca of great craft beers. Milk stout is a very smooth stout a great one to try if you are scared of the dark. Definitely what you want to have yer squeamish significant other try to recruit them to the “Dark Side”! If you are like me and love the bite of a great dark beer – you may be a bit let down. It is a few degrees less than Guinness (which is about the middle of the “bite” scale for me). I have a feeling that this beer would be really amazing draft.

Overall (bottled): Bleah | Ok | Good | Mmm Good | Great | Amazing | Heals Minor Wounds

Overall (draft): N/A

Worth it?: Yes

Source: Liquor Store

Cost: $$$$$

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