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Cheap Seats!

Ok just found the perfect seats for my old boat! You can pick them up at Walmart. I really was not wanting to permanently mount seats but I wanted back support that cushions just were not giving. These seats have two spring hooks that clamp the bench really well. Since they are removable I can flip them around for fishing… Read more →


You know it is a funny thing… before now… say ten years back or more, if you asked me – Do you want to go back in time to when you were young? I would have told you not only no but hell no. I first would have thought of me – young, stupid, with everything awkward and seemingly able… Read more →

Boat Motor Stand

I had a soft spot develop in the transom of my boat – not a real shocker given the old girl is 60 years old this year. Rather than replace the entire transom I am putting in a patch. Replacing the whole thing is going to require removing rivets etc – a winter project for sure – and the rot… Read more →

Racking Stand

Ever have a hard time holding everything just so when racking? I did and finally got the bright idea to make a stand that would not only give more umph to my siphon it would hold my bucket or carboy at a jaunty angle for me. I may even scale those up for my 6 gallon buckets too. Very handy! Read more →


    Am sitting here pondering our trip to Florida coming up in August. I wonder if you remember what it felt like to be on a road trip before GPS or Siri? I do and in a weird kinda way I both miss and don’t  miss it at the same time. I miss the thrill of adventure that pointing… Read more →