A long time ago… In a band far away…

there was a freshman boy with a trumpet scared half to death playing with upper classmen who were like minor gods to him. That boy is me. I managed not to screw the night up 😉

I came across a tape my Mom had given me long ago while I was moving my office and finally sat down and recorded it. These songs are the ’83-’84 Bixby High School Jazz Ensemble playing at the ’83 Christmas Concert. You will have to excuse the quality – this was recorded with an old school cassette tape recorder held in my dear mother’s lap. Not the best recording and likely not our best performance but still gives me a shiver or two. If you were with me or just a fan of high school jazz – I hope you enjoy.


Here are some links to zip archives of the songs in mp3 and wav formats for those of you who want them for keeps!

MP3 Zip Archive (16.7MB)

WAV Zip Archive (297MB)






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