Crusin’ the Caribbean!

For those who were not following along with my video posts on Facebook here is a compilation video of the whole she-bang! 🙂

We had a great time on our first ever cruise! This was also the very first time I set foot outside of the United States and I was not disappointed a bit – it was great! I hope I get to go to other countries in the future.

When we got back we answered a bunch of questions so I thought I would list a few here for the curious among you.

Where did you go?

We took a seven day cruise that left from Tampa, FL stopped in Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, Costa Maya, Mexico (sea was too rough to go ashore and evidently that happens frequently at that port) and Cozumel, Mexico.

What cruise line/ship were you on?

We went on Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas. The crew was SUPER friendly and helpful. Also the crew is from all over the globe – 59 nationalities represented – you will hear about every accent in the world. Funny thing is that the only crew member we had trouble understanding was the Captain – super thick Swedish accent heh…

Didn’t being on a boat at sea get boring?

Nope! They have tons to do on the ship – events of all sorts, art auctions, bingo, casino, shopping mall, great food and bars and really entertaining nightly shows. They also had great facilities – pools, hot tubs, gym and spa and one thing I really liked was a walking/jogging track on the very top deck of the ship. You could see forever up there! The ship is so big you can spend quite awhile just exploring and this is actually what they consider a small ship 0o.

Did you get sick?

Nope! Neither me or Elizabeth are prone to motion sickness to start with but being on a giant ship is not like being on a small boat on a rough lake. The boat rocks slowly and only goes up to approximately 25mph (most of the time slower) so no giant chop ever.  At worst you find you cant walk in a straight line but get used to “S” shaped walking after a bit. The worst effect we had (which was just annoying) was actually when we were back on land – the whole world seemed to rock for about 5 days.

Would you go again?

Yep! Especially when we are older. Turns out cruises and very very accessible! We saw lots of folks in the 70-80 something range and lots of handicapped folks as well. I figure I will really appreciate a week of no worries about anything other than deciding what to next by the time I retire. Probably do alot more road trips and maybe regular overseas trip in the near future if I am blessed with the resources to do so.

Weren’t you afraid of missing the boat at the ports?

Nope! If you buy the excursions the cruise line sells they guarantee you won’t and they have ALOT of cool excursions to pick from. We did a tour in Belize and a day at a resort in Cozumel… mmm resort with the endless cups of drinks and all you can eat Mexican food buffet…. yep that was good times there. Also the ports are pretty much like malls with tons of shops and restaurants to check out without even being out of sight of the ship if you don’t want to pay for an excursion.


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