MOAR ADVENTURE!!! aka Vacation


The uhaul is gone and the counter is steadily clicking down my friends!
Vacation is on it’s way and adventure awaits!


This year for the first time I can remember I am taking a whole two weeks off and am gonna pack in as much fun as possible. We are headed south to Florida to spend a week lounging on St Pete Beach and visiting family.

zamora-21We have taken a step up from the Howard Johnson we stayed at our last trip down and staying at the Hotel Zamora. Check out the web site – hope the hotel is as posh as the pictures make out!

Everything about this vacation I love. Love taking road trips and this one is a doozy…



Am getting too old to do that in one shot so we will break the trip in two and spend the night in Birmingham. The drive takes us through at least some of six states in total – tons and tons of thing to see. The drive alone I find pretty entertaining so everything from the moment I leave the driveway to the time we get back – worth it.

The Ocean…

I am pretty happy in general with life but one thing that I do wish is that we lived close to the ocean. There is something incredible about standing on a beach, the sun beating down, the roar of the surf pounding, the scent of the breeze. Standing in it you can feel the power of it – immense and unrelenting. So many things I wish I could do, that I hope I live long enough to experience – me and that beast. I want to sail on it, dive beneath the waves and explore it, go out so far that no land is in sight experience a perfect 360 degrees of horizon. (Ok western Oklahoma gets you pretty darn close but still… not the same.) When I slip this mortal coil I kinda hope I am sitting on a beach somewhere and not in some hospital bed. That would be a perfect ending to my story.

Alright enough waxing dramatic on to the next vacation adventure!




What can I say – if you have never visited Eureka Springs, Arkansas you are missing out. For the last hurrah we are heading to Eureka Springs for the Eureka Springs VW show and swap meet. Eureka will be crawling with all sorts of vintage VWs to gawk at as well as the usual cool shops, art and great restaurants. Gonna be lots of pictures taken for sure! Makes me miss my old  VW kit car…. I think it is about time daddy got him another project car dang it! I would like to apologize to my sweet wife Elizabeth in advance for the chance that we may end up with a rusty hunk of German metal shortly after this foray. 



Toshiba Digital Camera
Toshiba Digital Camera

Here she was all gussied up for a car show in Tulsa… good times… good times…

As usual, thanks to GE, I will be compulsively posting pictures and likely video of our adventure so if you want to keep up subscribe! 😉 More to come…

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