New Build for Baby

So after hearing numerous screams of frustration I asked my wife – time for a new computer? Turns out that yes, yes it was time for a new computer. Her computer was having intermittent shutdowns and assorted weirdness. Case fans were out and the Win10 motherboard drivers were spotty at best. So I got on Amazon and got busy. The build I came up with is very snappy, not crazy expensive and runs Rift like a scalded dog. 70+ fps in the city and over 20 fps with multiple raids in the lagfest that are event bosses in Vostigar Peaks – these used to be like 3fps and eventually brick the computer.  So for those of you looking to build an affordable system that definitely will play Rift on Ultra here is the list of parts I used.

CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (this comes with a great CPU cooler btw)

Motherboard – MSI B350 Gaming Plus

RAM – 16MB (2×8) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200

SDD – Samsung 859 Evo 500GB

Graphics – Nvidia GTX1060 6gb 

(note that is the graphics card is linked to a more affordable MSI card – these have gone way up in price since I bought the EVGA card I actually used)

Oh and if yer diggin the girly pink case you can find it here. Good basic case with lots of room and easy mount drive brackets and no sharp edges.

The rest is up to you but those components will get you a very enjoyable experience in Rift and likely any other MMORPG out there. 

Trion (probably because the minimum requirements they have posted are bullshit) absolutely will not give you any help in spec’ing a machine that will give you enough performance to have a good time. Believe me – I had an exchange with them that got pretty heated. Even though I pay monthly they flat out refused to give me any guidance whatsoever on making a machine that will play the latest content at a decent framerate.  


Hope this helps someone!


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